The Arborist’s Creed and Principles of Practice

We will keep the thought before us that trees are the friends of man; that from the beginning they have furnished him with food, shelter, clothing, and weapons; that in all ways they make the world more habitable and beautiful for all creatures. We will do all in our power to subdue insect pests and [...]

Euc Men By Definition

Rob Askine and I got together after work one day in the summer of 1980 at “Zot’s” aka the Alpine Inn. Zot’s is where a lot of guys from McClenahan would come after work. Dirt parking lot, carved-up picnic tables inside a 100-year old frame building. The bill of fare is beer and grease burgers. [...]

When the Oak Man met the Euc Men by Donald F. Blair

The boy’s were whipping it up one night in the Euc Man’s favorite saloon, Smoking, drinking and playing dice, they’d fight by the light of the moon. The juke box blared out raucous noise, it was Fifties rock and roll, when the door burst wide, who stepped inside, but the Euc Man John McRoe. The [...]

A Few Words About the Blair Saddle

My namesake saddle. The flagship of the fleet, if you will, also the belt credited by an orthopedic surgeon with saving a young climber from a wheelchair and a lifetime of paralysis after sustaining a 50′ fall. In May of 1984 a 22 year-old climber took a 50′ fall out of a euc he was [...]