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To Fell A TREE, Jepson

Written by the author/arborist of the excellent Tree Climbers Companion, Jeff Jepson has written this equally excellent guide to safe tree felling and woodcutting. Jeff presents tips and techniques with step-by-step methods clearly illustrated with over 200 drawings by Bryan Kotwica. 166 paperback pages.


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Arboriculture Field Guide

These pocket guides are invaluable aids to tree identification.

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Reference books: tree and shrub diseases

Arborist Equipment: Blair (Soft Cover)

Second Edition. By Donald F. Blair. ISA, 1999. Considered by many to the the primary reference source for technically correct, practical information about the selection, use and care of the tools and equipment that arborists depend on for their lives and livelihood. Focused on hand tools and safety equipment, Arborist Equipment covers climbing gear, ropes, rigging equipment, pruning tools, cabling and bracing equipment as well as equipment that protects important things like your head, eyes, hearing and skin. The big surprise is how much fun it is to read this book because Blair has filled in around the facts with stories, anecdotes and tributes to those who have made a difference in arboriculture.

Reference books: tree and shrub diseases

Diseases of Trees and Shrubs

First published in 1987, Diseases of Trees and Shrubs has become a standard reference for plant health specialists, plant diagnosticians, horticulturists, arborists, foresters, and their students. Now thoroughly revised, fully updated, and illustrated with more than 2200 digitally optimized color images in 261 full-color plates and more than 350 black-and-white photographs and drawings, the second edition is an unrivalled survey of the diseases of forest and shade trees and woody ornamental plants in the United States and Canada. The book is both an authoritative reference book and a powerful diagnostic tool. Organized according to type of disease-inducing agent, the second edition is also designed to be helpful in classroom and field instruction. Symptoms, signs, and cycles of hundreds of diseases are described and microscopic features of many pathogens are depicted in photos and line drawings. A searchable CD-ROM included with the book contains bibliographic entries for more than 4500 works that readers can consult for additional information or images. This remarkable scholarly work--praised as one of the best horticultural books of the twentieth century--lays claim to the same accolade for the twenty-first century.

Reference books: tree and shrub diseases

Insects that Feed on Trees

This comprehensive handbook, acclaimed when it was first published in 1976 as "one of the most useful reference manuals on diagnostic entomology yet produced," has now been completely revised and expanded to reflect recent advances in technology and the wealth of new information affecting the "Green Industry." Augmented by 241 full-color plates, it gives the essential facts about more than 900 species of insects, mites, and other animals that injure woody ornamental plants in the United States and Canada, and provides means of quick visual identification of both the pests and the damage they cause.

Reference books: tree and shrub diseases

Klutz Book of Knots

The klutz book is a delightful reference on how-to tie 25 of the world's most useful knots and hitches.

Reference books: tree and shrub diseases

Tree Climber's Companion, 2nd Edition

This 2000 revision of the first book that arborist/author Jeff Jepson published in 1997 is packed with even more good stuff about climbing safely and productively. Profusely illustrated by arborist/artist Bryan Kotwica. Also available in Spanish translation version.

Reference books: tree and shrub diseases

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