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DMM Carabiners

12mm Klettersteig Klettersteig biners have a wide gate opening which makes them easy to clip onto the safety cables and attachment points. The large internal volume makes this type of biner well suited to rigging scenarios. It is of course very tough and the zinc plating gives extra corrosion protection. E-C842,Screwgate-----E-C843,Quicklock-----E-C847,Locksafe---Strength Gate Closed 45kN 12mm Offset D This is a super tough biner capable of dealing with the harshest environments. The offset D shape maximises the strength of the biner by placing the load close and parallel to the spine. It’s so strong that it passes the industry standard ANSI Z359.1. We've also zinc plated the steel to give it more wear resistance. E-C812,Screwgate-----E-C813,Quicklock-----E-C817,Locksafe---Strength Gate Closed 45kN Captive Eye The benefit of a captive eye biner is that it provides a predictable direction of load. This design is ideal for use as the end connector on a lanyard, especially when durability and strength are more important than weight. We have zinc plated it to give extra corrosion protection. E-C962,Screwgate-----E-C963,Quicklock-----E-C967,Locksafe---Strength Gate Closed 45kN 12mm Boa If durability and strength are more important to you than saving weight, then this is the perfect belaying/rigging biner. The Steel Boa may be 266g but it is also incredibly strong (a whopping 40kN Gate closed strength!), plus it has a zinc coating to protect against corrosion. The generous gate opening and large internal volume means it can accommodate multiple knots and is easy to handle in gloves. There is one final advantage too: it is made from smooth 12mm bar which allows easy rotation in attachment eyes. E-C852,Screwgate-----E-C853,Quicklock-----E-C857Locksafe---Strength Gate Closed 40kN

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Rope Snaps

E-1234LTechnically a self-closing, self-locking steel snap hook. Drop forged steel, 5000 lb proof test. Work-proven world wide for decades.
E-2034Similar in shape and operation to E-1234L but is only half the size and weight.
E-SL6650Self-closing, self-locking steel standard snap.
E-SL4650Self-closing, self-locking steel swivel eye snap.
E-1227self-closing, swivel snap.

Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Double locking rope snap hooks Double locking rope snaps

Anka, with Ears

The DMM Anka is the ultimate figure 8 for someone who will be doing a lot of rappelling. The 180 degree twist in the body aligns the device for correct orientation with center harnesses and the two wings prevent the rope from slipping over and into a girth hitch. 1/2-inch rope capacity. Weight: 6oz (172g). 5,500 lb. tensile strength.

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Synthetic Rope Thimbles

For use with all types of synthetic ropes. Injection molded from tough, wear-resistant polyallomer material. Good abrasive wear. Ideal for use with lanyards, hand lines, mooring lines. E-1820--round--1/2 rope E-1821--pear--1/2 rope E-1822--pear--5/8 rope

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Chain Saw Straps and Lanyards

Complete set includes (E-1442) 42' lanyard and either (E-1423) 8" or (E-1424) 12" saw strap. You can pick which snap you would like E-31930-opens out or E-31910-opens in. E-1400-1--8" with E-31930-open out E-1400-2--8" with E-31910-open in E-1450-1--12" with E-31930-open out E-1450-2--12" with E-31910-open in

Chainsaw Straps, and Lanyards

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