Climber's Gear Bags

It is a lot easier to have a good "treeside manner" when your equipment is organized. These "tree doctor" bags go a long ways towards fulfilling that mission. The tops open wide and can hold a climbing line, saddle, spurs, safety gear and still have room left over. High visibility orange color made from heavy duty ripstop nylon fabric. The bottoms are reinforced to support a full load of gear. Six studs on the bottom help to further protect the bottoms of all three models. Quick-release buckles and long nylon straps keep the bags closed. The Deluxe and Standard bags share the same dimensions of  10-inches wide, 22-inches long and 14-inches deep.

A-1913DThe Deluxe Bag also comes with inside and outside storage compartments measuring 19-inches long, 4-inches deep, and 9-inches high with snap closures. To make it even more Deluxe, it comes with a rain flap that can help to provide some additional weather protection.
A-1913SThe Standard bag may not have the extra pockets and the rain flap, but if you don't need them, you can get the same great bag for less.
A-1914Still trying to get your stuff together? The XL bag is 10-inches wide, 22-inches long and 18-inches deep. It doesn't have the extra pockets but it does have the rain flap.

Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Climber's Gear Bags Gear and rope bags Rope Bags

Rope Bags

Rope bags are an excellent way to store and deploy climbing and lowering lines.  You'll find your ropes are easier to identify and manage on the job site.  Heavy duty cordura with reinforced handles.  Top nylon fabric top with drawstring closure keeps rope in without stealing volume from the main body of the bag.

H-2000Line mug -- Yellow4.5 x 6" rope150 x 3mm
H-2100Line bucket -- Blue7.5 x 8" rope400 x 3mm
H-2001Small -- Red10 x 9.5" rope120' x 1/2"
H-2002Medium -- Yellow11 x 10.2" rope150' x 9/16"
H-2003Large -- Orange11.5 x12" rope150' x 5/8"
H-2004XLarge -- Blue12 x 16" rope150' x 3/4"
H-2005XXLarge -- Teal13 x 20" rope150' x 1"

Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Climber's Gear Bags Gear and rope bags Rope Bags

All Gear Forestry Pro Climbing/Bull Rope

12-Strand polyester climbing/working line manufactured to please the most aggressive rigger. A firm 100% premium polyester construction keeps the line round for high performance. Works well for natural crotch rigging, keeps a good knot and is non-hockling and non-rotational.---1/2" climbing-----5/8" and 3/4" husky coated

SKULengthSizeNameColorlbs Test
D-12120RW-*120' | 150'1/2"whitered tracer7,300
G-12SP58-*150' | 200'5/8"whitered tracer11,000
G-12SP34-*150' | 200'3/4"whitered tracer14,000

Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Climbing Line Lowering Line Rigging and Tree Removal Equipment Tree rope

New England Climbing Ropes

New England Rope manufacturers their quality 16 strand and 11 mm climbing rope in New England. It is woven with first class fiber. Designed and tested in some of the worlds most harsh conditions. Their climbing lines stay firm and round, resist glazing, have excellent abrasion resistance, and are easy to knot.

SKU120'150'600'SIZENAME/COLORlb. test
D-1922YESYESYES16 str./ 1/2"SAFETY BLUE/white7000
D-1943YESYESYES16 str./ 1/2"HI-VEE/orange,white7000
D-3252YESYESX16 str./ 1/2"ULTRA-VEE/lime gr,white7000
D-3290YESYESX12 str./ 1/2"SAFETY PRO-12/white7400
D-3221YESYESX11mm/ 7/16"FLY/red6000
D-1936YESYESYES3 str./ 1/2"SAFETY BLUE 3 STR/white6500

Climbing Line 16-strand climbing line Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Gear and rope bags Rope Bags Tree Climbing Rope Tree rope

Samson Climbing Rope

Arbor-Plex--A light weight high-strength 12-strand climbing line. Tough polyester jacket fibers surround polyolefin center fibers to maximize resistance to wear and fiber fusing. Blue Streak--World-class champion climbers and professionals at ArborMaster worked closely with samson engineers to develop the ultimate climbing line. With you life and livelihood on the line, you can rely on this rope to perform smoothly. True-Blue--This 12 strand premium climbing line has low stretch and high strength. It stays firm, round, and flexible with use and requires no milking. Velocity--Velocity is the lightest climbing line in the 7/16" (11mm) size. Velocity has excellent knot-holding ability, works well with hardware, and is great for footlocking.

SKU120'150'600'SIZENAME/COLORlb. test
D-1920YESYESYES16 str./ 1/2"BLUE STREAK/blue,white8100
D-1918YESYESYES12 str./ 1/2"ARBOR-PLEX/white,green6000
D-1941YESYESYES12 str./ 1/2"TRUE-BLUE/blue7300
D-VELOYESYESX7/16, 11mmVELOCITY/orange,red,white7400

Climbing Line 16-strand climbing line Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Tree Climbing Rope Tree rope Yale climbing line

All Gear Husky Lowering Rope

Double Braided Composite Bull Rope. This rope provides the best in abrasion resistance, break strength and energy absorption. The "Husky Line" has a polyester jacket and a nylon core to exceed the break strength of double braid polyester. Premium husky costing is applied to provide excellent to abrasion.

SKULengthSizeNameColorlbs Test
G-BR12-*150' | 200' | 600'1/2"HUSKY .5blue, green tracer9,500
G-BR916-*150' | 200' | 600'9/16"HUSKY Iyellow, green tracer14,000
G-BR58-*150' | 200' | 600'5/8"HUSKY IIred, green tracer18,000
G-BR34-*150' | 200' | 600'3/4"HUSKY IIIorange, green tracer
G-BR78-*150' | 200' | 600'7/8"HUKSY IVgreen, green tracer

Lowering Line Rigging and Tree Removal Equipment Rope Bags

New England Rigging Rope

Multiline II is a 3-strand composite rope. Spun polyester improves grip and knot holding even when wet. Cores of fibrillated polyolefin keep strands firm and round, enhancing knot holding and hand. Easy to spice. Consistently supple feel over the service life of the rope. Great for natural crotch rigging. Applications: arborist bull rope, hoisting rope, handlines and general purpose.

SKU150'200'600'SIZENAME/COLORlb. test
G-9049YESXYES3 str./ 5/8"MULTI/white,orange trace9800
G-9050YESXYES3 str./ 3/4"MULTI/white,orange trace13,300
G-9051YESXYES3 str./ 7/8"MULTI/white,orange trace15,200
D-9052YESXYES3 str./ 1"MULTI/white,orange trace19,100

Lowering Line Rigging and Tree Removal Equipment Service Lines: 3-Strand

Synthetic Rope Thimbles

For use with all types of synthetic ropes. Injection molded from tough, wear-resistant polyallomer material. Good abrasive wear. Ideal for use with lanyards, hand lines, mooring lines. E-1820--round--1/2 rope E-1821--pear--1/2 rope E-1822--pear--5/8 rope

Lowering Line Snaps, Rings, Thimbles and Things Rope Thimbles Rope Tools Service Lines: 3-Strand Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Tree Climbing Rope Tree Climbing System Components

Big Shot Launching System

Basically a giant slingshot, the Big Shot has become a very popular throwline installation system. THIS IS A TOOL NOT A TOY! Enough energy is released in practiced hands to launch a shot pouch at least 100 vertical feet and almost 100 yards horizontally! Sold as a set with the Big Shot head, and (2) sectional 4 ft. poles. The surgical rubber tubing will dry and crack and break, so be sure to inspect before and after each use and replace as needed. Works best with 8-9 feet of pole.

Throw Line: Shot Pouches

Throw Balls: Shot Pouches

Cordura pouch, lead shot filling, ergonomic design. High performance.

H-20088 ozBlue
H-201212 ozPink
H-201616 ozOrange
H-201818 ozYellow
H-202020 ozRed

Throw Line: Shot Pouches


Samson Amsteel---8 strand braided rope utilizing parallay design with our proprietary blue samthane coating with dyneema SK-75 fiber. This rope yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and is stronger than wire rope constructions. Samson Zing-it---Made from dyneema fiber, this twine offers extremely high strength. Samthane urethane coating allows the line to glide over rough bark while providing excellent abrasion resistance. The exceptional low stretch allows greater control. Lime line--- Beal Accessory cord---Special braided core, strong, low stretch and good knotability. Target Line---All Gear's polyethylene throw line is made to be extremely slick and has a striped pattern and is braided firmly to avoid snagging and abrasion.

H-3070-150Lime Line2.5mm150"350lime green
H-3070-1000Lime LIne2.5mm3000'350lime green
H-1820-200Target line1/8"200'250orange/yellow

Throw Line: Shot Pouches

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