Personal Safety

Petzl Vertex Helmets

Petzl best helmet series. Featuring a comfortable webbing cradle and easily adjustable foam-padded headband with a reinforced chinstrap. Available in Vent or Non Vent.

STOCK COLORS: orange, white, yellow

SPECIAL ORDER: blue, black, red

I-A11-*Orange, White, Yellow, Blue, Black, RedYes
I-A16-*Orange, White, Yellow, Blue, Black, RedNo

Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Head Protection

Traffic Safety

O-4318 and O-4328The orange based cones are premium channelizing devices designed for maximum visibility under all weather conditions. Brilliant fluorescent red-orange color clearly outlines the work zone. All cones meet state and federal standards. Available in 18"and 28"
O-5152Wooden stop and slow paddles are made of presswood and are non-reflective. The meet all MUTCD standards. The 18" comes with a 24" wooden handle.
O-5118SSafe-T-Flags are 18 x 18. The handle is a 3/4" diameter wooden dowel and is 24". Flags are made of vinyl-coated nylon in a bright fluorescent red-orange color.
O-JSTRIMThe Tripod stand is strong and lightweight. It is designed to set up and take down easily. Displays 36" and 48" roll up sign panels. Zinc plated for rust resistance. NCHRP 350 tested and approved.
O-5036R (36 x 36) and O-5039 (48 x 48)Roll up signs are advance warning signs for work zones. The signs are made of 10 oz., 1 ply coated mesh high intensity reflective material. Signs roll up easily and store when not in use. They meet all state and federal standards for short term signage. Complete with ribs. Legends available: W=Work Area Ahead or M=Men Working.
O-4900TREE and O-4901MENPlastic folding signs are portable, two sided 36" x 13" signs that provide a strong presence and instant direction. Sign legends on side and barricade strips on the other. Features handles, detents to "click lock" open and are molded hollow so they can be internally ballasted with sand. Legends available: TREE WORK AHEAD OR MEN WORKING
O-2093L and O-2093XLOrange safety vest is made of washable 100% polyester. Front nylon zipper closure with two outside and two inside pockets. 1 3/8" lime stripes. Meets ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 recommendations for Class 1 safety.

Job Site Traffic Safety

Back-A-Line Back Support

The Back-A-Line is the only back support belt that works and has proven itself in field trials and tests over the past 20 years. We use the pad in our most popular series of tree saddles: the Ultralight belts. The key to safer lifting is being able to promote proper spinal posture and intra-abdominal pressure at the same time. Unlike the stretch girdle type, Back-A-Line does all this and more. It does, however, underscore how critical proper spinal posture is to a healthy, pain-free back. A money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.


Back Support Back-A-Line

90 Series ProChaps

Elvex best selling chap. Among the features that make this chap so popular are: patented asymmetric design provides extended protection on the left side of each leg, where most injuries occur. Chaps conform to ASTM and APA Class A requirements. 420 Denier Nylon cover fabric is lightweight, strong and flexible. Apron-style design with quick-release buckles means easy on, easy off convenience. Chaps also include a zippered pocket on the left front side.


Chainsaw Protective Clothing

Elvex Designer Safety Spectacles

Elvex safety glasses comply with ANSI Z87.1-2010 and most models meet the requirements of CE - EN66. Required tests include among others high velocity, high mass impact. lens thickness. lens distortion and lens light transmission.

SKUDescriptionLens Color
I-5903-17MTrix High StyleSilver Mirror
I-5903-32GSphereXNCB Gray
I-5903-32MSphereXSilver Mirror

Eye Protection

Elvex Combination Helmet

This helmet combines a proven Bullard 6-point suspension helmet with cap-mounted. NRR rated 27 db ear muffs, and a nylon, mesh visor. Note: The visor is FACE PROTECTION and not rated for eye protection. To be properly protected, you will need to wear safety glasses when using this product. Orange in color.

I-8800Complete set
I-8820Replacement ear muff NRR 24 db
I-8827Replacement ear muff NRR 27 db
I-8830Replacement visor
I-8860Replacement visor bracket

Eye Protection Head Protection Hearing Protection

Bullard Full Brim and Cap Style

The full brim provides more coverage, more shade and makes an outstanding waterproof rain hat. The 6-point ratchet suspension gives good support and is easily adjustable. Meets or exceeds ANSI Z89.1-2003, Type I, Class E;G. The most popular is this cap with 6-point, ratcheting adjustable suspension and slots on the sides for accessories such as muffs and visors. Meets or exceeds ANSI Z89.1-2003, Type I, Class E; G.

I-3000R-ORANGECap Style
I-3000R-WHITECap Style
I-3000R-YELLOWCap Style
I-303R-ORANGEFull Brim
I-303R-WHITEFull Brim
I-303R-YELLOWFull Brim
I-3611Replacement Ratchet
I-3612Elastic Chin Strap
I-SHMSTTerri Band Inserts
I-8820Ear Muffs
I-8860Visor Bracket

Head Protection

Ear Plugs

Elvex blue ear plugs. NRR rating is 29 dB. Sold by the pair or by the box of 200.

Hearing Protection

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