Rigging and Tree Removal Equipment

Anka, with Ears

The DMM Anka is the ultimate figure 8 for someone who will be doing a lot of rappelling. The 180 degree twist in the body aligns the device for correct orientation with center harnesses and the two wings prevent the rope from slipping over and into a girth hitch. 1/2-inch rope capacity. Weight: 6oz (172g). 5,500 lb. tensile strength.

Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Figure 8 Descenders w/ears Snaps, Rings, Thimbles and Things Figure Eight with ears Tree Climbing System Components Up and Down Devices

All Gear Forestry Pro Climbing/Bull Rope

12-Strand polyester climbing/working line manufactured to please the most aggressive rigger. A firm 100% premium polyester construction keeps the line round for high performance. Works well for natural crotch rigging, keeps a good knot and is non-hockling and non-rotational.---1/2" climbing-----5/8" and 3/4" husky coated

SKULengthSizeNameColorlbs Test
D-12120RW-*120' | 150'1/2"whitered tracer7,300
G-12SP58-*150' | 200'5/8"whitered tracer11,000
G-12SP34-*150' | 200'3/4"whitered tracer14,000

Arborist Tree Climbing Gear Ropes Climbing Line Lowering Line Tree rope

Wheel Chock

Solid rubber. Eye bolt for carrying strap.

Job Site Traffic Safety

H-2 Hobbs Lowering Device

Completely self-contained, the "Hobbs" is tough enough to lift and strong enough to lower. Other brands require swapping out the winch component for a fixed bollard when "catching" pieces. Well, sometimes you have to raise, lower, raise and lower in order to put a piece where you want it. The H-2 does all of this and more. Redesigned and rated for 3/4-inch double braided esterlon (20,000 pbs*). Three mounting options to fit the job: Preservation, Dogged-in, and Cut-in. Recommended SWL is 1,000, 2000, 3000 respectively. 58 lbs. of solid muscle, the H-2 ships complete with mounting strap (65-inches maximum diameter and winch bar. Questions? Please call us.

*published breaking strength.

Lowering Devices

Replacement Winch Bar and Mounting Strap

Winch Bar Replacement is made special for our lowering devices. Straight tip ensures that it will pass through both holes in the nose.

Mounting strap is 17' x 4".

F-4231winch bar

Lowering Devices

Fiddle Block Sets

F-3038 - Complete Set: Wichard 3/8 Fiddle blocks. 4:1 mechanical advantage. Hold fast cam. Set includes: pair of blocks, 30 feet of 3/8-inch eye-spliced double braid. Individual components may be ordered separately. Wishard rated at 1320 lbs. functional limit. For the longest working life expectancy, we would recommend no more than 500-600 lbs. These are small, lightweight blocks.

F-3038Complete Set
F-3038-01Fiddle Block
F-3038-02Fiddle Block w/ Becket and CAM 3/8
H-1638-30Eye Spliced 3/8" Double Braid Rope

F-3058 - Complete Set: Wichard 9/16 Fiddle blocks. 4:1 mechanical advantage. Hold fast cam. Set includes: pair of blocks, 60 feet of 9/16-inch eye-spliced double braid. Individual components may be ordered separately. Wishard rated at 3970 lbs. functional limit. For the longest working life expectancy, we would recommend no more than 1000 lbs. These are small, lightweight blocks.

F-3058Complete Set
F-3058-01Fiddle Block 9/16 - 5/8
F-3058-02Fiddle Block w/ Becket and CAM 9/16 - 5/8
H-1658-60Eye Spliced 9/16" Double Braid Rope

Playing With Blocks (and tackle)

Deadeye Rigging Rope Slings

DEADEYE rigging slings are most commonly used to lash Hobbs blocks and other rigging hardware into place in a tree. Hand-spliced in Yale Cordage's rigging loft from the same outstanding Double Esterlon that we recommend for lowering lines. The eye has a 3" chafing sleeve to reduce wear on the eye itself.

SKUSize/ColorKnotted Safe Working Load 5:1 Design Factor
F-4096-089/16" X 8' YELLOW2,200
F-4096-109/16" X 10' YELLOW2,200
F-4058-085/8" X 8' ORANGE2,800
F-4058-105/8" X 10' ORANGE2,800
F-4058-125/8" X 12' ORANGE2,800
F-4034-103/4" X 10' BLUE3,300
F-4034-123/4" X 12' BLUE3,300
F-4034-153/4" X 15' BLUE3,300
F-4078-127/8" X 12' RED4,900
F-4078-157/8" X 15' RED4,900
F-4078-187/8" X 18' RED4,900
F-4001-151" X 15' GREEN7,000
F-4001-181" X 18' GREEN7,000
F-4001-201" X 20' GREEN7,000

Playing With Blocks (and tackle) Rigging Slings: Spliced "Dead-eye" rope slings

Rigging Plate

An essential component in an advanced Speed Line operation, the Rigging Plate creates a platform to hang the traveling block, haul back line and rigging slings from efficiently and in the proper alignment. A key feature to the Rigging Plate is it's weight of at least 8 pounds. What many people unfamiliar with Speed Line rigging don't understand is that weight in the traveling block is essential to performance. The weight helps to prevent the Load Line and Haul Back line from getting crossed and jammed. The weight also ensures that the haul back line will haul back. If there's no weight in the traveling block, it won't come down unless it's under load and that isn't always possible or desirable. The holes along the bottom permit the attachment of several rigging slings. Handy when working in closely branched pine trees. Attach the Haul Back line to the 5/8-inch shackle provided. The F-RP104 pulley is ideal for Speed Lines up to 5/8-inch, and it works even better with 9/16-inch. Remember at all times, a major advantage of technical rigging is that you can maintain control in an efficient manner. The time you save should be invested in taking smaller pieces.

Rigging Plate

Flat Eye, Twist Eye, Endless, 1" Webbing

Bashin. Orange. Single ply. Lightweight, flexible. Good for light duty rigging. Eyes average 6-8 inches long. 1/2 twist lay flat when hitched to a ring or fitting. Ratings: Basket-4,000 lb. Vertical-2,000 lb. Choker-1,850 lb. F-14__ 1/2 twist 03', 04', 06'. F-13__ flat eye 03', 04', 06'. F-15__ endless 03', 04', 05', 06'. F-1500-28 body strap The 28" "body strap" is ideal for many climbing applications including re-direct rigging, and putting a "handle" on a limb.

Rigging Slings: Nylon Webbing, Round Slings Rigging Slings: Spliced "Dead-eye" rope slings

CMI Pulley


Rigging Slings: Spliced "Dead-eye" rope slings

Whoopie Sling - Adjustable Rope Slings

Whoopie slings feature an adjustable loop with a fixed eye at one end. Designed for use as an adjustable choker sling. Chafing sleeves in the load-bearing eye and the body of the sling help protect against abrasion. Fabricated in Yales rigging loft from YALEX, single braid polyester. Coated with urethane to extend the working life.

SKUSizeAdj. LengthChoker Rating
F-14121/2"27"--60"1760 lbs.
F-14585/8"32"--72"2562 lbs.
F-14343/4"38"--96"3379 lbs.
F-14101"51"--108"15136 lbs.

Rigging Slings: Spliced "Dead-eye" rope slings

Screw Pin Anchor Shackle

AKA clevis. Shackles make a strong, secure and inexpensive connecting link between slings and pulleys and many other fittings. No rope should ever be "run" through a shackle "under load" because the tight bend ration can reduce rope strength by as much as 50%. Increased friction can also lead to heat fusion failure which is a technical way of saying the rope can get so hot it could melt through and fail with potentially catastrophic results. That said, shackles and screw links are quite often a much better alternative to carabiners in certain rigging applications where strength is more important than repetitive opening and closing. If you can set it and forget it for extended periods of time, a shackle or screw link might be the most best choice.

SKUSize5:1 swl TONS
F-17551"8 1/2
F-17343/4"4 3/4
F-17585/8"3 1/4"

Screw Pin Anchor Shackles

All Gear Husky Lowering Rope

Double Braided Composite Bull Rope. This rope provides the best in abrasion resistance, break strength and energy absorption. The "Husky Line" has a polyester jacket and a nylon core to exceed the break strength of double braid polyester. Premium husky costing is applied to provide excellent to abrasion.

SKULengthSizeNameColorlbs Test
G-BR12-*150' | 200' | 600'1/2"HUSKY .5blue, green tracer9,500
G-BR916-*150' | 200' | 600'9/16"HUSKY Iyellow, green tracer14,000
G-BR58-*150' | 200' | 600'5/8"HUSKY IIred, green tracer18,000
G-BR34-*150' | 200' | 600'3/4"HUSKY IIIorange, green tracer
G-BR78-*150' | 200' | 600'7/8"HUKSY IVgreen, green tracer

Ropes Lowering Line Rope Bags

New England Rigging Rope

Multiline II is a 3-strand composite rope. Spun polyester improves grip and knot holding even when wet. Cores of fibrillated polyolefin keep strands firm and round, enhancing knot holding and hand. Easy to spice. Consistently supple feel over the service life of the rope. Great for natural crotch rigging. Applications: arborist bull rope, hoisting rope, handlines and general purpose.

SKU150'200'600'SIZENAME/COLORlb. test
G-9049YESXYES3 str./ 5/8"MULTI/white,orange trace9800
G-9050YESXYES3 str./ 3/4"MULTI/white,orange trace13,300
G-9051YESXYES3 str./ 7/8"MULTI/white,orange trace15,200
D-9052YESXYES3 str./ 1"MULTI/white,orange trace19,100

Ropes Lowering Line Service Lines: 3-Strand

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