Cabling and Bracing

J-Hooks Lag Threaded

In 1938 the National Park Service published a Guide to Bracing. Since trees and lags haven't changed much, these ratings still seem reasonable. Just remember that a maximum rating is dependent upon correct lag installation, 0 degree pull and the species of tree.

SKUSizeLengthThread TwistLoad rating (4:1)
L-38003/84 1/4right300
L-3800-L3/84 1/4left300

Cabling & Bracing Hardware Common Grade Strand Extra-High Strength Strand

Tree Grip

The Original Tree GRIP! First introduced in 1976 by Preformed Line Products. GRIPS must be installed with a thimble. Heavy Duty thimbles are recommended by the manufacturer.  Sold in any desired quantity. The colored paint band performs two important functions: size identification and showing where the Tree GRIP is crossed to begin installation. The product image demonstrates the three main steps in installation.

SKUSize/Color BandQuantity per Box
L-TG-12503/16" RED100
L-TG-12511/4" YELLOW100
L-TG-12525/16" BLACK50
L-TG-12533/8" ORANGE50

Cabling & Bracing Hardware Common Grade Strand Extra-High Strength Strand Thimbles Tree Grips

Extra High Strength Strand Cable

Extra High Strength Galvanized Strand is very stiff and cannot be spliced. For use with Tree Grips.

SKUFeetBreak Strength lbs

Cabling & Bracing Hardware Extra-High Strength Strand

Guy Strand Dispenser

The guy strand dispenser is indispensable for keeping unruly strand under control. All of our 250' coils of strand have the guy strand dispenser equipped. They work best of you install them on a coil BEFORE cutting the original strapping.

Common Grade Strand Extra-High Strength Strand

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